Party room

The room on the second floor of the Pann&Kook restaurant is perfect for various events. The private party room has its own private Lotte-themed play area. We have a separate table for both big and small. The second floor can accommodate up to 25 adults and up to 15 children. We have developed special catering packages for events held in the party room, which you can findĀ here.

Party room is suitable for:

  • organising various events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.);
  • organizing birthday parties of preschoolers or small children. NB! Restaurant Pann&Kook’s party room is not a playroom where children can run around and jump. The number of children allowed at one event is a maximum of 15, and the adults present at the party take the responsibility that the party guests are considerate of other restaurant visitors;
  • for trainings and/or product introductions.

To book the party room, go to the Book an event page, choose a suitable date, time and party package.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on +372 57702221 or write to us at

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